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 Tigers (Ai)

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PostSubject: Tigers (Ai)   Tigers (Ai) EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 5:32 pm

History: Gained the Summoning contract for the beasts at age 9 while still training under her uncle.

Ai uses a style of mainly ninjutsu and taijutsu. She tends to put up a strong defense at first, using more tactic to defend rather than speed to dodge.


Main: Kanshou - Hot-Blooded
His coloring is reddish, swirling black stripes covering his muscular form. Kanshou is the strongest and most agile of Ai's Tigers, and also has the worst temper. He is quick to attack, and seems to grow in power with any damage taken. He shows the promise of having a tangible power, but it at this point unclear, or locked.

Second: Yoji - Foreshadow
Yoji is most likely to be used for defense. His coloring is of coal black with slightly lighter grey-black stripes adorning his coat. Yoji's power is clear when engaged in battle: The scene seems to darken several shades, making it more difficult for both Ai and her opponent to see without the aid of a dojutsu.

Third: Bāsuto - Outburst
Like Kanshou, Bāsuto has a temper. His is more controlled and focused, however. His body is of a vivid orange, painted with standard black stripes. His power concentrates his energy into exceptionally powerful roars, able to destroy an opponent's hearing if they were to take a full-power audio assault from him. He is most often used in conjunction with Ai's explosives for damage or control.

Possibly more to come. Ai is the only one with permission to use tigers of any sort, and therefore must be asked for others to use this same summoning.

NOTE: Ai is currently not the Tiger Sage (nor is there one to date).
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PostSubject: Re: Tigers (Ai)   Tigers (Ai) EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 9:03 am

Approved, just edit if you adding more/less.

What, is the definition, of Black Ops Zombies?
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Tigers (Ai)
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