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 Stark Hishoki

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PostSubject: Stark Hishoki   Stark Hishoki EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 10:15 am

Name: Stark Hishoki

Rank: Shodai Raikage

Titles: Dawnbringer

Affilitations: Rumored to have ties to the Tensei Taka.

Chakra Affinities: Fuuton (Wind) Suchimuton (Steam)

Special Techniques:
Holy Gate: Sealing Rite

Weapons: 2 Enchanted Kunai in his left and right pocket.

Summoning: Mongooses

History: Stark, born and raised in Konohagakure, an average ninja graduated the academy at a regular age. Going to the Chuunin Exams, only to make it to the finals and lose to his rival barely. Due to Stark and his rival's extreme power for a genin and to close-to-call match, they were both appointed Chuunin. A year later, when his parents died because of a suicide ANBU mission, he roamed the world, searching for what remained of his family. In Kumogakure, he finally found his only family left, his uncle Makai, a member of the Kumogakure council. Lucent spent 2 years with Makai in Kumogakure, training. There, Stark learned new abilities he never thought possible in his clan, training with his uncle and his uncle's son, who was a few years older then him. When Makai thought Stark was strong enough, he told Stark about his history. All about the Gobi and his clans founding and such. Stark learned that day that he had been part of the Hishoki clan, a clan known for weilding the Steam Element and had been destroyed by the Gobi while his mother was still pregnant. Also, his uncle gave him a scroll, which he said for Stark to use only when he was strong enough and ready. After his uncle died, Stark returned to Konoha to say his goodbyes, for he was leaving to capture the Gobi for himself, for his family. Stark traveled the entire world, met people good and bad, rich and poor, smart and stupid. About a year and a half later, Stark had his first run in on the Gobi. Stark had tried his hardest, but apparently that wasn't enough, as he was overpowered by the Gobi. The Gobi, happy that there was one of the clan left, decided to spare Stark for he wanted other Steam users in the world, and of course, because of Stark's determination. Gobi gave Stark a small orb, which would tell him wherever the Gobi is for the next year, after that it would not work anymore. During most of that year, Stark trained like he had never before, discovering powers which some would say are impossible to reach. A few days before the end, Stark found the Gobi, and fought him. It was a strong fight, but in the end Stark prevailed. The next day, fully recovered, he approached the wounded Gobi. Pulling out the scroll his uncle gave to him, he found a sealing jutsu, called Holy Gate: Sealing Rite. A Jutsu only the most talented clan members could utilize safely, as it was considered a forbidden jutsu of 'Suicide'. He used this jutsu to seal the Gobi inside himself, and after, became very tired and rested for a week. As he returned to Kumogakure to tell his uncle about his capture, he returned to find that he had been killed a week before Stark had left Kumogakure all those years ago, and that his son Rokubai had taken his council position. He had been appointed an ANBU by Rokubai, and served there for 2 years. During a great war, the Raikage and Rokubai had both died on the same day. The rest of Kumogakure was filled with rage, and the council had to make a hasty decision. Since Stark was related to Rokubai, they were originally going to appoint him as the next council member. But, they soon decided that Stark was one of the strongest ninja in the village, and knew it very well. So they instead appointed him the new Raikage.

Appearance: Rising up at 6'2, Stark is not the strange one, yet not the common one either. Known to most of Kumogakure, he has a simple reddish-brown hair and murky yellow eyes. His body is a simple one, average for his age. Although he seems to lack muscles in his arms, Stark is strong. Although he usually wears With a flat torso, not at all buffed and strong legs. Many years of training to be a ninja has proved this true. His legs are firm as he needs them for the quick speed he runs at. Although he usually has on his Raikage robes, He also wears a lot of gear, such as a long black scark and a flak shirt protecting his body. A flak hood that can be pulled up and an extra flak jacket usually worn around his waist. And long flak pants running down his legs.

Personality: Stark, some saying is his true fault, is his kindness and care-free like attitude. Stark is not able to take a life, as he would not be able to stand it. He believes that all should be given a second chance, no matter who they are or what they've done. He always participates in charitys and gives to the poor when he can. He is also known as the guy that can make you laugh, but he acts very serious when the time comes for him to be.

What, is the definition, of Black Ops Zombies?
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PostSubject: Re: Stark Hishoki   Stark Hishoki EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 3:48 am

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Stark Hishoki
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