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 Holy Gate: Sealing Rite - Bijuu

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Holy Gate: Sealing Rite - Bijuu Empty
PostSubject: Holy Gate: Sealing Rite - Bijuu   Holy Gate: Sealing Rite - Bijuu EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 9:18 am

Name: Holy Gate: Sealing Rite - Bijuu
Rank: S
Range: (0m ~ 100m)
Type: Fuuinjutsu

(Note: Only those able to summon Torii can utilize this secret technique, a Hishoki clan secret.)

Description: Requiring a seemingly godly ammount of chakra as well as the possible sacrifice of the surrounding landscape equivalant to a 100m radius, the Holy Gate Sealing Rite would normally kill any who dare use it.

[Note:The exception to this rule is to the Hishoki clan, who were known for being extremely skilled in Fuuinjutsu, or if they can go for a long time without depleting their own life force, such as those who enter Sage Mode. Also, once preformed this jutsu cannot be used again by the caster on himself if they seal a tailed beast within themself due to the 'impurification' of their chakra as bijuu's chakra mixes with their own.]

The caster will preform a set of 9 handseals, clapping their hands together to signify the end of chakra manipulation phase. Once completed, a ring of Torii will errupt from the ground, surrounding those within the 100m radius, generally the caster and the target bijuu, as well as an object or being that the bijuu is to be sealed within assuming the caster does not wish to seal the tailed beast within themself. With the Torii's encasement of the party, an intricate weaving of seals will spread from the gates, into the center of the holy circle itself similar in design to the Fuuja Houin - Evil Sealing Method. The seal's purpose is to direct the flow of the bijuu's chakra into the vessel of sealing.

One of the following actions will take place:

- The Bijuu will be effectively imprisoned as the vast ammount of Torii will completly disrupt the tailed beast's form, as it is demonic chakra manifested into a monster. During such, the tailed beast's form will pulled, squished, squeezed,then its chakra will be forced into markings of the seal upon the ground, causing the seal to force itself upon the body of the vessel, similar in animation to that of the Fuuja Houin - Evil Sealing Method. Once completed, the vessel of sealing will contain a scribble of sealing rites upon their body in the shape of a raven with 3 legs, a reminder of the divine clan leader who's power was said to make this technique possible. Further Fuuinjutsu will have to be placed around the seal of Yatagarasu if one wishes to allow a Jinchuuriki to access the bijuu's chakra, hence making them into a shinobi weapon if desired.
- The Tailed Beast will be trapped sucessfully untill its form compresses into a sphere of chakra the size of a soccer ball which will then explode, destroying all those within the 100m radius, completely obliterating the surrounding scenery into a deep crater of nothingness unless the bijuu's chakra is sealed within a vessel to contain its chakra. This in effect, disperses the bijuu, making it quite some time before it can reform.

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Holy Gate: Sealing Rite - Bijuu
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