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 Conker Hamata

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PostSubject: Conker Hamata   Conker Hamata EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 2:29 pm

Name: Conker Michael Grinpiers – Hamata
Alias: Zero
Age: 20
Birthdate: January 18th
Height: 6’1”
Eyecolor: Blue
Haircolor: Blue – Black
Bloodtype: Unknown
Birthplace: Kumogakure no Sato
Affilitiation: Kumogakure no Sato, Otogakure no Sato
Rank: Jounin
Ninja ID: 1214163
Primary Affinity: Raiton
Secondary Affinity: Fuuton
Kekki Genkai: Bodi Denryu [Approval Pending]
Weapon: Tryce [Katana], Lady Devil [Claymore], Black Dahlia [Scythe]
Occupation: Killer for hire.
Taijutsu: Ikazuchi Chikara [Lit. Thunder Force. Raiton – Based taijutsu]
Ninjutsu: Raiton – Based
Kenjutsu: Tri-Edge [Sword style that uses three blades for attack]
Areas of Expertise: Puppetry [Puppet making, Puppet control.], Explosives [Paper bombs, Confetti-like paper bombs, Exploding puppets] Poisons [Stunning poisons, Killer poisons]

Conker was born about two decades ago in Kumogakure, although his home was actually outside of the main village. His parents were Aura and Azarik Grinpiers, outcast to the Cloud for being from the Mist. Conker was incredibly gifted as a child and his father taught him how to fight till his sister was born 5 years after Conker. Not wanting to be unfair when Lily was born he trained them both, pitting them against each other. Once a few years had passed Azarik took Conker into Kumogakure, leaving his sister and mother with his uncle. Once they got into the village Azarik enrolled Conker into the Ninja Academy and left him there alone. He spent many years alone under special care that he wouldn’t be harmed or killed set by the Raikage of the time. He rose through of the ranks of a ninja quickly since he was outcasted and spent all his time studying. The village outcasted him because of the mark he had on his right wrist, which he couldn’t figure out. “The Seal of Seven Sins” which usually activated in Conker’s sleep, turning into a demon which changed depending on the day, an odd convince. The villagers called him the “Seven Sins of Kumogakure” and an underground resistance mob was formed to eliminate Conker. On the eve of his fourteenth birthday Conker rose up to fight the mob against the wishes of the Raikage. Conker was strong, but as an Anbu could only hold out against the mob for so long before they attacked him and thought him dead. The mob then carried his body to the gates and left him out there. The demons, not suited with losing their host, used the powers they possessed to give Conker’s body the strength to find help. With this new found ability he discovered he had lost much of his power which was hidden within him. Knowing he couldn’t return to Kumogakure, Conker set out to find a new place he could call home. After traveling for three days, Conker collapsed in the desert somewhere and was found by Anna, a woman from Sunagakure. She brought him to her house and took care of him for a number of years. While staying with the woman he now called “Mom”, Anna and her son Jason, Conker took on a new name: “Hamata”, Hamata being the last name of Anna’s late husband, Shinta. Most of his time was spent training Jason for him to join Sunagakure’s Academy and studying Fuuton Ninjutsu and Puppetry. One night, while he was out with Jason, some thugs broke into the home of Anna and kidnapped her and tried to take her away. Luckily he got there once they got outside, however they threatened to kill Anna if he came closer. Upon a glance Conker recognized the thugs, they were members of the mob that attacked him a few years back. Enraged, Conker growled lowly, a wave of power running over him, the power of his seal broke through him sprouting Seven Tails from his body, his body covered in a blue bubbly coat in the form of a wolf. A snarl ripped from his mouth as he dashed toward the thugs ripping them apart before they could even move, but one slipped away barely able to breathe let alone move. Conker took his mother and brother to safety not worried about the man. A week after the incident Conker was challenged in the desert by not one, but two groups. The one was a larger group of the mob, the other two members of the Akatsuki there to catch him, mistaking him for the Seven Tailed bijuu. The mob attacked first and Conker fought them off, but barely before his second group of attackers stepped in, killing the mob without trying. Seeing their power Conker forfeited and let them capture him with the condition that he could say goodbye to his family. They agreed and escorted him home where he went in and told his mother goodbye, why he had to go, and promised he’d return to her if he lived. The Akatsuki members transported him to their headquarters in the Land of Rivers where they presented him to Pein. Pein immediately showed disapproval knowing they had the wrong person and ordered he be killed. Upon discussing with Konan he decided to put Conker with Itachi and Kisame as an unofficial member of the Akatsuki, fitted with the Robe and Hat. The three of them traveled to Konohagakure and upon arrival Conker ran away from them and to the Hokage. Upon reaching Tsunade he spoke with her and she allowed him to register to become a Leaf Shinobi. He took his time going through the ranks in Konohagakure as he focused mostly on his Ninjutsu instead. He resided within Konogakure for roughly two and a half years before traveling to Otogakure to learn Ototon ninjutsu and learn more about his Curse Seal. Conker left Konohagakure to become a Judge Magister of the Archadian Ministry of Law, taking over the place of Noah fon Rosenburg or Judge Gabranth of the 9th Bureau. In turn for taking his place he also took the Armor, Helm and Weapons that once belonged to Gabranth. Before becoming a Magister, Conker belonged to the 9th bureau as a normal judge under Gabranth’s leadership. The 9th bureau is tasked with gathering and disseminating information. Due to this most of the activities of the bureau are shrouded in secrecy. Upon returning to his native land of Kumogakure, Conker cast away his past as a Judge Magister and returned to the way of a ninja.
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Conker Hamata
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