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 Fenris, Koshaku

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PostSubject: Fenris, Koshaku   Fenris, Koshaku EmptyFri May 27, 2011 2:13 pm

Name: Fenris Koshaku

Alias: Contamination

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Height: 5'6

Weight: 90

Eye Color: Piercing Red(Has noticeable Rings around the irises)

Hair Color: Unknown

Bloodtype: B

Birthplace: Getsugakure

Affiliation: Konohagakure no Sato

Rank: Jounin

Status: Medical Nin

Experiment ID: 0001432

Chakra Affinities: Suiton

Kekkei Genkai: Poison Release

Weapons: Thin Wires, Kunai, Daggers, Chakra Scalpel

Taijutsu: Savate Style (Disarm and Disable an Opponent)

Ninjutsu: Poison Style

Pros: Highly Resistant of Poison's, Immune to them, except newly created poisons. Although he does have a High resistance due to Heritage)

Personality: Fenris is one who usually shows more emotion than usual and sometimes showing a little embarrassment when around an attractive female, having awkward interactions from them.. He has also been descried as innocent when it comes to sexuality and has been shown to calm himself down by putting together a tower of tiles and then break them with a Karate chop while while he is regaining his serenity. Fenris is the type that acts before he thinks. He can never just sit around upon seeing someone in a pinch and will go to great lengths to protect or help the person. This he does at great risk to himself, which typically results in him being hospitalized for several days after each confrontation. When fighting seriously against a particularly strong opponent, Fenris would usually try to talk his way out of the fight before actually engaging in combat. He follows his code "I don't need a reason to save someone." strictly and is even willing to sacrifice a mission to assist someone in need. Fenris rarely approaches people with caution, choosing to treat those that he meet as if they have been friends for years, much to the chagrin of his teammates. Fenris also bears no grudge on former enemies, and is willing to help them if they asked for it. Fenris tends to think he is only doing whatever he feels is right and is labelled "righteous" by other people impulsively. He is one who will follow what he believes regardless of what others try to convince him of.

Village History: Following the appointment of a new leader, Getsugakure has made its peace with the executed chief of police's son, Kojimaru Sensōkajiya, and he has assisted in the forging of a bond between them and Konohagakure. The known clans of Getsugakure are the Sensōkajiya Clan, who are the personal force of the village's leaders, the Jiyūkari Clan, a large and respected clan that has ties to more influential ones and has vast numbers of shinobi, and the Rappa'shu Clan, a small but powerful clan that dominates the village in terms of influence. After the razing of Getsugakure by Iwagakure in the Shinobi World War, due to a betrayal of the alliance, Getsugakure was completely destroyed, and its inhabitants were forced to evacuate to Konoha, forming a "Getsugakure Quarter" there.

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Fenris, Koshaku
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