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 Shōton --- Kagami Clan's Pride

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Shōton --- Kagami Clan's Pride  Empty
PostSubject: Shōton --- Kagami Clan's Pride    Shōton --- Kagami Clan's Pride  EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 1:51 pm

Basic Info
The crystal release (Shōton) is a rare and specialized kekkei genkai that allows it's user to create crystal and manipulate already-existent crystalline structures. Shōton is thought to be a (for loss of a better word) mutation of the Doton elemental affinity due to several results of Shōton ninpō showing a large weakness to Raiton-based ninjutsu, however, it is not. Simply, it is a clan-exclusive kekkei genkai; much like Kageton.

According to reports, Shōton can crystallize any physical substance; thus, earth, water, and wood ninpo are utterly useless against it. Shōton has even been known to crystallize water vapor; giving Shōton users a nigh unlimited supply. In the case of human targets, Shōton can solidify it's targets down to the cellular level, imprisoning and even killing a target should the crystal in which they are captive be shattered, reducing the mass and the target to crystalline dust.

In addition to such a strong offense, Shōton offers a nigh impenetrable defense to it's user. Shōton users can create crystals who's density rivals that of the Kaguya clan's prodigal bones.

The only apparent weakness of Shōton is that it cannot crystallize raw energy of raw chakra as they have no physical mass to crystallize, allowing a person with either energy-based jutsu (eg: Lightning, Fire, and Wind Release) or someone with good chakra control to counter it with relative ease. Shoton is also susceptible to a specific sound wave frequency; because crystal requires a very precise build-up of molecules, the proper sound waves can break down the build-up before the crystal can properly form.

Shōton: Suishō Meikyū no Jutsu (Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Labyrinth Technique): First the user creates a number of crystal flowers. Then he/she grows these flowers into a gigantic labyrinth consisting of red crystals, confusing all enemies inside of it. The enemies will mostly be lost because of the fact that the red crystals reflect their personal image as well as generates mirror images of the routes, paths, and details within the labyrinth, confusing and intimidating them. It is even capable of confusing the Byakugan. Because of the crystal's stable molecular structure, a simple attack focused at one point is rendered useless, as its wide surface will evenly disperse the force of the attack, reducing the attack's effectiveness. To overcome this technique, an attack that has impact force both wide and powerful is required to smash through it.

Shōton: Kesshō no Yoroi (Crystal Release: Crystal Armor): This jutsu allows the user to become encased in a thin sheet of crystal to protect him/her from blunt force trauma. This armor can also aid it's user in performing stronger physical attacks. The crystal is transparent and can only be noticed by light reflecting off it.

Shōton: Hishin no Yaro (Crystal Release: Arrow of Light): After using Pressure Points of Harm and Death, the user will encase himself/herself in a prism of crystal. While doing this, he/she can hover in the air but is unable to maneuver, however is protected from all but the strongest of attacks. In addition, he/she can focus his/her chakra into light through a prism and launch a powerful heat blast. It has been known to be capable of withstanding numerous Rasengan hits from, only shattering in the end. However, the prism seems to be immobile.

Shōton: Kurenai no Kajitsu (Crystal Release: Crimson Fruit): The user can create a dome of crystal to surround a target. It is highly durable from both external and internal attacks.

Shōton: Kesshō Anseiji Kabe (Crystal Release: Crystal Encampment Wall): The user sends out a wave of chakra which then turns into an almost impenetrable crystal wall which also mends itself. This crystal most likely has a similar endurance to the one created by the Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Labyrinth Technique. An unnamed Aburame clan member, however, was capable of nearly destroying the wall with his insects, allowing a ninja to finally destroy it using his Raikiri.

Shōton: Kesshō Tojikomeru Shūha (Crystal Release: Crystal Imprisonment Wave): A larger scale version of Crystal Release: Crystal Pentagonal Prison, the user could encase a swarm of opponents in crystal as shown when trapping Aburame's kikaichū. Unlike the other versions where the crystal emerges from the ground, the crystal forms in the air.

Shōton: Hari no Kesshō (Crystal Release: Crystal Needles): This jutsu creates long, sharp, and pointed bright pink and white crystals that shoot at the target at extremely high speeds.

Shōton: Kesshō Gokakurō (Crystal Release: Crystal Pentagonal Prison) The user completely encases his/her opponents in crystal. When the crystal is shattered, the bodies of the victims disintegrate along with the crystal particles.

Shōton: Daikiri (Crystal Release: Giant Crystal Dart): This jutsu allows the user to create a large and sharp spear-like rod attached to his/her wrist, which he/she can use to impale his/her target.

Shōton: Rokkaku Shuriken (Crystal Release: Hexagonal Shuriken): A peculiar attack. The shuriken used in this jutsu are six-sided with spikes at the sides of each blade, as they resemble snowflakes.

Shōton: Kyodai Rokkaku Shuriken (Crystal Release: Giant Hexagonal Shuriken) The user creates a giant crystal shuriken, resembling a snowflake, and throws it at the enemy.

Shōton: Suishō Tō (Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade): The user can quickly form a blade made of crystal on his/her arm, and use it almost similar to how a ninja would use a Tantō. Blades can be formed on both arms if needed.

Shōton: Suishō Rokkakuchū (Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars): This technique is simply a flashy manor of summoning a beast that the user has a contract with. It consists of five large pink crystalline pillars summoned in a pentagon around an pre-determined spot, where the summoned beast will appear.

Shōton: Suishō Kyō (Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Mirrors): He/She forms a large mirror in the shape of a snowflake, which he/she can then use to perform the Jade Crystal Clone Technique.

Shōton: Suishōheki Hachi no Jin (Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Wall Eight Formation): This jutsu will crystallize a large area (approximately 20-30 ft around the user, or target).

Shōton: Shuriken Ranbu (Crystal Release: Shuriken Wild Dance): The user surrounds them self in crystal particles and then condenses them all into numerous shuriken which are then launched at the opponent.

Shōton: Hashō Kōryū (Crystal Release: Hexagonal Shuriken Wild Dance The user crystallizes a material in the area, and then turns it into a dragon. It can be used as a means to travel or to attack a target. Several dragons can also be made and manipulated at once.

Shōton: Omiwatari no Jutsu (Crystal Release: God's Crossing): This jutsu will create a long stream of sharp crystals to bind or pierce a target.

Shōton: Suishō Bunshin no Jutsu (Cystal Release: Jade Crystal Clone Technique): After the user performs the Shōton: Suishō Kyō, he/she can make multiple clones of herself emerge from the mirror. These clones are made of crystal, as after an anonymous ninja defeated one, it crumbled into many crystals. Clones made by this jutsu are also able to deceive Byakugan users, as shown in a short, experimental fight a Hyuuga had with a crystal release user's clone. The Hyuuga could see the Chakra Pathway System of the clone, unlike in the situation with a normal clone generated by the Clone Technique.

Shishō Tenketsu (Pressure Points of Harm and Death): This technique is not a crystal-based jutsu, nor is it a clan-exclusive jutsu. It is simply the release of two tenketsu points in the user's body, to enable the usage of the Shōton: Hishin no Yaro. A raging chakra aura becomes momentarily visible around the user upon activation.
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Shōton --- Kagami Clan's Pride
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