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Raitou Shinteki

Raitou Shinteki

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PostSubject: Denkōsekka   Denkōsekka EmptyMon Dec 13, 2010 9:02 am

Clan Name:Shinteki.

Clan Members:Raitou.

Kekkei Genkai Name:Denkōsekka

Clan History:this clan was and always is the product of several wars that have happened in the the Amegakure region, and in turn the researchers altered the D.N.A of some of their clansman with horrible results until these clan specific abilities showed up and when the supposedly convict escaped and had a child these traits were passed down in even more or even with greater results but the city looked down on these clansmen and started to hunt them for almost little to no reasonbut simply that they where alive.

Ability: the clan has the ability, even though it is latent, to charge their static electricty using chakra creating a imimitation of Raiton No Yoroi even though it is 5 times lower in ability it still increases their normal atributes t the point where even a hunter nin would have trouble taking on a teenager.this ability has about 3 levels where even though they arent much they can be dangerous.

Kami no bāsuto: the user starts to feel excited and gains a slight bit more energy/speed due to adrenaline there is no side cons to this stage as the user usually skips to the second.

Kami no shōgeki: The user would start to have tiny sparks line his body increasing speed and stimulating the muscles making him slightly faster, and stronger than before. This is where the 1/3 chance of the multipersonality disorder kicks in. also the eyes change to said color. at this stage the user would start to be burned by the sparks and his muscles would start to tear from to much use.

Saishū-tekina arashi: this stage is where the user will ultimately become constantly covered like pouring water in flickering sparks stimulating his muscles,and sensory systems to the max making him as formidable as a kage but alas this stage leads to muscle tears then muscle damage as well as brain damage with intense burns covering his body making him most likely die from shock within 30 minutes of the ending of this stage if not near a medical doctor. even for the elders this stage is belived to be suicide.

Special clan weapons: Dengan Ken Apearance: a full arm gauntlet that is made with a special conducting metal. it has a spider web type of grooves on its side.on its palm area it has a small crater like indent.this gauntlet cover the full hand up to 1 inch before the elbow and shoulder. in between these areas there is a layer of rubber covering the skin for chaffing.Also there is deep cuts within the metal flowing down to the palm with increasing grooves around the palm and the side of the hand making a chidori more effective , while also for rasengan user to form the sphere easier.

Ability: this full arm metal guantlet is able to charge chakra through it then uses chakra manipulation to make a larger fist or just a harder impact. this arm is also able to used in conjuction with other attacks due to the indent in the palm area you can make a sphere Raiton chakra and slam it into the opponent or other wise if the user knew how to make a rasengan it would be a starting point for easier creation.

Downsides: this gauntlet will slow down the user due to the weight of the Guantlet, also if used for to long it will burn red hot and possibly burn the user

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