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 Body Current.

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Body Current. Empty
PostSubject: Body Current.   Body Current. EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 2:33 pm

Kekki Genkai: Bodi Denryu [Lit. Body Current]
Village of Origin: Kumogakure no Sato
Family of Origin: Grinpiers
Known users: Azarik Grinpiers (Deceased), Conker Grinpiers – Hamata
Description: Though it is uncertain as to how this trait came to origin, it is known that it has been only found in the Grinpiers bloodline. The Kekki Genkai infuses a special electric current in the user’s body which can be manipulated at their will. The price, however, for this trait is the draining of charka from the user’s body. When the user is born the drain is usually small to sustain life, but the amount grows till the user gets to a certain age and then it levels off at a relatively small amount. The trait gives the user a small immunity to Raiton – based attacks, that is, low-level Raiton moves as well as acting slightly as an armor for the user. If capable, the user can manipulate the current to simulate Raiton attacks with a higher strength as well as a higher charka drain on the user to use the moves in this manner.
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Body Current.
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